chicago burlesque classes


Teachers: Titty Perkins

For experienced burlesquers, this class will challenge students' movement and musicality while utilising advanced grips, tosses, and strip tease elements. Classic, modern, and post-modern movement will be explored while maintaining grace, poise, and playfulness with feather fans. Turns, spins, and object manipulation will be focal components of the class. All genders welcome.

This class offers the opportunity for a short group performance at the end of the session! (Not required.)

Prerequisites: Classes up to Level 3/4 and Fan/Boa

Class Limit: 10

Please Bring: Large, professional quality feather fans (available at (10% off with code "Vaudezilla") or RENT A PAIR OF FANS (they stay at the studio between classes) for $25 for the full 8-week session