chicago burlesque classes


Teachers: Raven Gemini

Is your bump and grind lacking a little headbanging? Are you wondering how to fit your favorite songs into your repertoire? Love the idea of burlesque, but Jazz standards just don't do it for you? This is the class for you. Explore the history and theatricality of metal bands with Raven Gemini, learn how to incorporate classic aspects of burlesque with hard-hitting music, and get ready to step *way* out of your Burlesque Box and adapt the art of the tease to a whole different musical genre.

**We'll be focusing specifically on the Symphonic and Dance Metal genres during class choreography, but the techniques you learn can be applied to any Alternative genre!

**Curious to explore a new musical/performance style, but unsure how to reconcile a feminist art form with a traditionally heavily male-dominated musical culture? We'll be learning a bit about the history of both burlesque and Metal along with our choreography, to help us all find a common ground!

All levels and genders welcome.

This class offers the opportunity for a short group performance at the end of the session! (Not required.)

Prerequisites: None

Class Limit: 8